Reverse engineering of mobile applications in a simple way

Community Edition


Get started with Dexcalibur and start reversing now with our open source version.

Android support

  • Instrumentation generation
  • Dynamic deobfuscation


Automated security evaluation

  • Targets Apps & Platforms
  • Security assessments (emv, ...)
  • Privacy assessment
  • Includes all PRO license features plus:
  • Marketplace
  • Collaborative work
  • Report generation
  • Team management (planned)
  • Highest priority online support

Community Edition

  • Instrumentation automation :
    • Java hook generation
    • Native function instrumentation

  • Deobfuscation

  • Platforms :
    • Android

Professional Edition

Anything include into Community Edition plus :

  • Instruction level instrumentation
  • Frida's Stalker interface

  • Communication monitoring and eavesdrop :
    • Network traffic
    • Commands over NFC
    • Bluetooth

  • Secure World / TEE :
    • Shared buffer gathering
    • Detection of manufacturer specific Java API for NW<>SW comm

Enterprise Edition

Anything include into Professional Edition plus :

  • Assessment mode :
    • Report generation

  • Team work:


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How can I pay?

Dexcalibur Community Edition comes free, always! For Dexcalibur Pro and Enterprise version, you can pay by credit card: just follow instructions prompted on your screen. You can also request a wire transfer by contacting us

When am I billled?

You are billed in advanced every year. Should you need special adjustments, please contact us